5 Phases of switching your attraction’s technology


Changing your attraction’s technology doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, it can be exciting to switch to a system that supports your operations instead of one that is holding it back! Overcoming resistance to change starts with understanding what goes into making the decision to switch your venue’s technology and how new tech allows you to expand your strategies for growth in your operations. Although switching can be scary and time-intensive, the overall value is huge and it can have a significant impact on your operations!

1. Embracing change 

Take a step back and evaluate the day-to-day activities across your facility. Does your current technology offer the support and functionality that you need to streamline your operations and drive guest engagement? Start to realize there are opportunities to resolve your pain points and unlock future growth. Talk with your staff, survey your guests and begin to build a list of your own pain points and must-haves for future systems.  

Some common pain points we’ve heard are: 

  • Long lines/inefficient entry processes. 

  • It’s difficult to access information about guests. 

  • We can’t make simple changes to the back end of our ticketing site. 

  • Our systems don’t communicate with each other. 

  • Lack of growth in per-cap spending. 


2. Researching & assembling your short list 

Now that you’ve identified some reasons to explore other options, it’s time to do your research! Talk with trusted peers and industry colleagues. Read about potential vendors online and explore their latest news to see what they’ve been up to. Think outside of the box! Perhaps your ticketing system is the biggest thing you’re looking to replace, but did you know that an all-in-one platform can replace up to 12 different platforms with a single, integrated solution? Once you’ve explored some options, book a demo with possible partners who can help relieve your pain points.


3. Creating your vision 

As you start to have more intensive discussions with prospective partners, you will also need to carve out time to have these same discussions with your team if you have not already done so. Be sure to invite key stakeholders to follow-up demos and calls and schedule some time to align on what you want the guest journey at your venue to truly look like. Build an internal roadmap for features and functionality that you’d like to onboard immediately, in the near future, and further down the line.  

At Connect&GO, we provide a very consultative process. We look at you as a true partner, not just a client. We know the importance of having a strong strategic plan and we’re there to help you think about every aspect of the guest journey. That’s why we take a very hands-on approach to both training and implementation. 


4. Choosing a partner & implementing your new solution 

Evaluating new technology partners gives your team the chance to prioritize your business objectives. It’s essential to choose a provider who can understand how you want your business to grow in the next 3 to 5 years and even beyond. When operators are busy dealing with friction points and problems, they don’t have the space to innovate. With the right partner, you can embrace the latest and most effective technologies that help you drive revenue and maximize guest engagement. 

On top of opening the door to innovation, the ideal technology partner should also maintain open and transparent communication with you, keeping you apprised of new software updates and helping you through any questions or challenges that you may have. On your busiest days, you want a partner who will be there to support you—not ignore your phone calls and emails.  

When it’s time to implement, your partner should: 

  • Understand your needs in-depth  

  • Know your project’s purpose and how to create value for your business  

  • Help you drive adoption through training and documentation  

  • Monitor and support your internal teams through all phases of the process  

  • Suggest solutions and help you build a roadmap for success  

At Connect&GO, we pride ourselves on service excellence and ensuring a smooth implementation from kick-off to training and beyond. We provide a clear timeline for implementation and meet regularly to track progress and provide support (including on-site support during your go-live). On top of this, we believe in open and transparent communication (learn more about our company’s core values here).


5. Unlocking more opportunities for growth 

Now that you don’t have outdated and inflexible technology holding you back, explore all of the possibilities to grow! Offer guests new experiences and revamp your up-sells and cross-sells. Dig into your reporting to identify trends and optimize your offerings. Check in with your client success manager routinely to explore the recommendations that they may have for you. Create a wish-list of future functionality that piques your interest.  

It’s okay not to fully utilize every part of your ticketing software or management platform at first. Many of our clients who make the switch from a legacy system to our Connect&GO all-in-one management platform start small. Here is one journey that you could follow: 


Switching your attraction’s technology may seem overwhelming at first, but the benefits of embracing change are significant. By evaluating your pain points and identifying the opportunities for growth, you can start to explore new options and find a technology partner who understands your business goals. Not only is it important for your new solution to be robust and innovative, but it’s just as important to have a technology partner who provides transparent communication and ongoing support well after implementation has been completed. With Connect&GO’s all-in-one attractions management platform, you can transform your operations and offer guests unforgettable experiences every time they visit. Are you interested in learning more about how next-generation attractions technology can move your business forward? Book a personalized demo with our team today! 

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