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International Women's Day is a beacon of celebrating achievements and pushing forward for gender equality across all spectrums of society. Today, we spotlight the stories of six women from our Engineering team at Connect&GO, delving into their lives in the tech industry—a field historically dominated by men. Their experiences shed light on challenges, breakthroughs, and the invaluable support systems that pave the way for more inclusive and diverse tech environments.

International Women's Day 2024


Konnect’s corporate eCommerce functionality empowers your business to streamline online sales for both corporate users and resellers. This flexible platform seamlessly integrates various sales channels, helping you boost your revenue while simplifying your sales processes!

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At the beginning of this new year, we are inundated with articles seeking to attract maximum clicks: year-end summaries, resolution lists, or the top 10 most inspiring people of 2023. But rest assured, this opinion piece does not fall into that category!

My intuition tells me that 2024 will be exceptional (guest post)

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Give your operational team the data insights they need with Connect&GO’s new cloud-based reporting tool powered by Sigma.

Business intelligence powered by Connect&GO x Sigma Computing

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Our Konnect platform unites eCommerce, point of sale, access control, cashless payments and so much more using proprietary Virtual Wallet technology and real-time data.

Harnessing the power of Connect&GO's Virtual Wallet