A Unforgettable Experience
at the Super Aqua Club

Super Aqua Club guests can now unlock exciting opportunities each time they visit the park! Whether they purchase their tickets online or on-site, each guest registers a personalized profile to be associated with the smart wristband they’ll wear for the day.


Wearable technology
for a premium experience

Connect&GO provides innovative solutions for premium guest experiences at leisure and entertainment attractions, including secure access, cashless payments, experiential activations, photo/video opportunities, virtual reservations and more. Through our customized dashboard, operators enjoy a detailed overview of guest activity at their venue and gain valuable insight into guest behavior which leads to a measurable ROI for their business.


quick, secure transactions

You can accept multiple methods of payment to make each transaction seamless for your guests and send digital receipts via email.
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A single
platform to
sell tickets

Guests purchase tickets online or on-site and create personalized profiles to be associate with their smart wearables.
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Access Control

guests safety

Guests scan to enter and exit the venue and on-site zones; capacity is carefully monitored, and access permissions are managed by operators.
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the experience

Guests scan to take photos, play games, enter contests and more! You generate customer loyalty and gain insight into guests’ behaviors and preferences.
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