Kick your last-generation software to the curb

Your software shouldn’t be stuck in the stone age. For too long, attractions have dealt with clunky systems, disconnected data and vendors who don’t make them a priority. We’re here to change that. Let us help you simplify your operations and drive revenue with our truly integrated platform!



Centralize your data

Knowledge is power. Connect&GO gives you the tools to better understand your business with visual reporting, powerful analytics and live data that tell you how you’re performing, and where you can improve. With our unique data ecosystem and virtual wallet technology, you can now give your guests a frictionless way to pay on RFID wearable devices or with QR codes, and easily connect to your other systems with data flowing freely in real-time. 



Drive Revenue

Connect&GO helps you manage the entire customer journey from the first point of contact to the post-purchase experience. Understand how to segment your data and create highly effective, personalized marketing campaigns that maximize customer engagement, conversions and sales. Deliver frictionless experiences that keep your guests coming back time and time again, and discover new ways of being efficient.



Partner with people who care

Outstanding support, hands-on implementation and a partner who will never ignore your phone calls. At Connect&GO, we are passionate about making your journey into next-generation technology a success! Get unlimited 24/7 support, fast answers to your questions and access to our team of experienced attractions industry alums who are committed to helping you grow.



Fast & beautiful interface

Your technology shouldn’t require an advanced engineering degree to operate. Our Konnect platform features a fast and beautiful interface that is easy for everyone to use. While most attractions tech is stuck in the dark ages, we’re here to help you embrace next-generation technology—so you can innovate and grow.




Switch to a system you love

Tired of technology that makes you cry? Our Konnect platform is a game-changer for teams at theme parks, water parks, family entertainment centers and attractions of all sizes! One centralized platform gives you everything you need to manage your business and for your staff to deliver outstanding service. Get the data you need, when you need it, without the headaches.



Access full functionality from anywhere

It’s 2024, so why are other platforms still limiting you with on-premise requirements? Connect&GO gives you access to all aspects of your operations from one place with our all-in-one management platform. It’s easier than ever for you to manage your business from anywhere, and to give your staff maximum flexibility with our platform that works on any device.



Power your growth with automation

Your customer data is extremely powerful—but only if you can actually use it. See how you can use the real-time data you collect in Konnect to maximize guest engagement and lifetime value through our deep-data integration with ActiveCampaign, the #1 automation platform.

Our customer experience automation fuels your business’ growth with automated 1:1 communications through the entire customer lifecycle. Unlike legacy tools that solve for one part of the customer experience, we automate across these to create experiences that drive guest acquisition and create loyal patrons.


“Connect&GO has really transformed my business. I have access to a lot of data that I didn’t have before, which means I can adapt and manage efficiently in terms of both demographics and time. Also, our customers love the Virtual Wallet feature. It’s really special and has helped to increase guest engagement in a significant way."

Nadine St-Amant

Co-Owner and President

Super Aqua Club


“Connect&GO’s technology allows visitors to plan and buy our products. It increases customer engagement, reduces waiting time and makes their visit frictionless.”

Samuel Grenier

Vice President

Granby Zoo


“The Connect&GO team took the time to understand the needs of our property. Together, we developed a solution that really enhanced the experience for our guests and make it easier for us to manage ticket sales and access to the Winter Wonderland rides.”

Richard Guest-Gornall

Vice President, Arts & Entertainment

IMG Events