4 Benefits of self-service technology from the “Innovating Attractions Technology with Self-Service” IAAPA Webcast



While the pandemic may have made it a necessity, self-service technology for the attractions industry is here to stay. During our February IAAPA Education webcast, “Innovating Attractions Technology with Self-Service,” we discussed self-service benefits, best practices and tips for implementation with Frank Olea (CEO, Olea Kiosks), Brian McNeill (Global Business Owner – Public Admission Control, Alvarado dormakaba Group) and our very own SVP of Sales and Marketing, Tara Morandi. Watch the full recording here or keep reading for the key benefits of self-service technology for the attractions industry.

1. Alleviate staffing concerns

“The more technology you can implement, the more you can repurpose your staff. Your staff can now interact with guests more rather than just scanning tickets.” - Brian McNeill, Alvarado dormakaba Group

It’s no secret that every industry around the globe is facing staffing shortages. Self-service technology allows your attraction to handle more transactions without adding stress to your team. This technology is not meant to replace your staff, but rather, to take mundane tasks off their plates. For example, selling admission tickets and season passes on a kiosk gives your guest services team more opportunities to handle important guest concerns instead of spending the majority of their day selling tickets. With Connect&GO’s flexible, an all-in-one attractions management solution paired with top-of-the-line hardware from partners like Olea Kiosks and Alvarado dormakaba Group, streamlining your operations with self-service technology is a breeze.

Watch the recording to learn more about how self-service can benefit your team especially for seasonal businesses.


2. Increase revenue

“Like any future-forward technology, self-service allows your team to lean into technology to solve common pain points, which in turn, gives you the resources you need to drive revenue and increase guest engagement.” Tara Morandi, Connect&GO

Self-service kiosks
aren’t just for ticket sales! Our highly robust next-generation technology allows you to sell tickets, season passes, meal deals, cabanas, bundles and more through the kiosks. Self-service kiosks can even be used throughout the park to encourage guest spending with cashless reloads, F&B kiosks, etc.

Watch our webinar to learn how self-service kiosks are the key to your revenue growth strategy.


3. Leverage real-time data

“Businesses are trying to figure out costs and what the future looks like – kiosks aren’t everything, but it should be part of the mix in how you’re serving guests.” Frank Olea, Olea Kiosks

Utilizing self-service technology gives your team access to a plethora of real-time data. Identify patterns in guest behavior and daily park activity (like spend, capacity, etc.) within your data without any additional stress on your operational team. Access to this real-time data empowers your team to make quick, educated decisions that help leverage your staff more effectively throughout busy season. Real-time data flows through both access control gates powered by Alvarado dormakaba and the Connect&GO kiosk, giving you flexibility and the ability to leverage data to make powerful business decisions in real-time.

Watch our full recording to learn more tips for successfully implementing self-service technology.


4. Create a better guest experience

“We are all in the business of creating exceptional experiences for guests. Happy memories don’t come from standing in lines.” Tara Morandi, Connect&GO

It’s common knowledge for the attractions industry that guests don’t want to spend their day at your park standing in long lines. They want to be enjoying everything your venue has to offer. Put your guests back in the driver’s seat of their experience with self-service technology! Adding self-service technology can give guests a frictionless purchasing processes, faster transaction times, and the ability to enjoy more of what your attraction offers.

Watch our webinar for more examples of how you can get the most out of self-service technology at your attraction.

Special thanks to IAAPA, Global Professional Development Coordinator, Laura Domet for her support during the development of this webcast. And of course, a big thank you to our wonderful presenters, Tara Morandi, Frank Olea and Brian McNeill! Are you interested in learning more about how self-service technology can move your business forward? Book a demo with our team today!

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