Manage waivers all in one place –
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Don’t let waivers get in the way of your sales! Collect the paperwork you need, when you need it, without the headaches. Our fully-integrated Konnect Waivers by Smartwaiver help you protect your liability without blocking your sales flow. Easily set up waivers, automatically assign them to products, sell items, access and collect signatures whenever you need to. With our integration, you can collect signatures online in advance or onsite on tablets or kiosks. Tickets are automatically activated once the waivers are signed.

Waivers - Create Customized Waivers

Create your own customized digital waivers

Create as many waivers as you need, and customize them with your brand’s colors, logos, and fonts. Add multiple initial and signature boxes, set up custom questions that will flag participants when a specific answer is chosen, add instructional videos and more.

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Collect signatures simply

Empower your guests to fill out waivers before they arrive by offering opportunities via email, QR code, or by embedding a waiver widget into the online purchase process. Easily turn tablets into dedicated waiver kiosks with both an iOS and Android application.


Access waiver records from anywhere

Tie your waivers to accounts and access information instantly in our cloud-based platform. Export data through CSV file or download individually-signed PDFs from any device.


Make validation fast and simple

As tickets are scanned, waivers are recognized and guests can be on their way! With our Konnect Waivers, you can also set up your waivers to expire after a certain time or a specific age.


Access Powerful Data

Waivers aren’t just for insurance purposes. They can be a powerful marketing tool that provides contact and demographic information you can use to build stronger relationships with your guests. With Konnect, you can easily collect birthdays and contact information and send special offers with our marketing automation feature.

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