Access Control

Highly flexible and adaptable solutions to any situation

Move guests quickly and cut down on long lines with our intelligent access control solution. Our Connect&GO access control platform is highly flexible and adaptable to any situation, from time-based ticketing to zone management, ride tokens and more. Accurately track attendance, manage access and gain valuable insights with real-time reporting that you can view from anywhere!

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Track the number of scanned tickets in real-time!

Get rich data insights on guest traffic and attendance with our fully-integrated access control, with real-time reporting that helps you track the number of people onsite and manage your performance, while making it easy for your team on the field to do their job.

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From tickets to tokens and zones, we help you manage it all!

Our powerful access control platform supports any access control scenario, allowing you to develop packages for any occasion. Offer discounts to visitors who enter your site multiple times or who decide to return the day after their visit. Manage your season pass access easily by including or excluding certain days, allowing you to customize special offers. Control the capacity of your site with validation for hours or days of visit. Let visitors redeem tokens for access to certain activities or rides.   

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Fast and efficient access control

Accelerate your guest entry with quick visual indicators of valid or invalid results, including validation for consecutive or non-consecutive days, hours, days or season. Connect&GO access control was designed to be as easy and user-friendly as possible and does not require any training. 

Self scanning gate

Support seamless

Save on staffing costs with our access control web app that can be operated on standalone devices, allowing your guests to scan quickly. Help your staff cut down on long lines with our flexible mobile app.


Gates & Turnstiles 

Connect&GO’s recent integration with Alvarado™, Dormakaba Group, the leading U.S. manufacturer of entry control solutions, allows venues to move guests through entry gates in a safe and frictionless experience. Guests scan in and out of the venue, making it easier than ever to track overall attendance. In addition, operators can easily view accurate, up-to-date attendance data directly through the Konnect platform.  

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