Cashless Payments

Increase revenue. Track sales. Speed up lines

Increase guest spending with Cashless Payments in Konnect, powered by RFID wearables or simple QR codes. Let your guests load cash onto their Virtual Wallets and manage the payment methods of other family members for a frictionless payment experience.


Boost your profitability

Drive exponential revenue growth with a next-generation purchasing experience that guests love. Cashless technology can increase your average sales revenue by almost 25% and can speed up sales transactions by over 75%, resulting in happier experiences for all!

Cashless Payments - Increase Spending

Increase spending with an easy reloading process

With Konnect Cashless Payments, it’s easy for guests to add funds at any time, from any location whether on your eCommerce site or at your point-of-sale. Guests can see the balance displayed in their account, and families or groups can enjoy the flexibility of linking multiple RFID wearables or QR codes to one account.

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Unlocking new revenue potential with cashless technology


Give your guests the freedom of cashless with the knowlege of knowing their credit card information is secure. Guests can load a set amount of cash to their Virtual Wallet and have the freedom to spend it anywhere in your attraction. Simple reloads can be done from any POS, on their phone or even from home!


Reduce friction with seamless redemption

No more carrying cash around! With our integrated platform, guests can simply tap or scan to pay at any sales location, whether F&B, retail or even on your eCommerce site.  

Cashless Payments - Connect Data Points

Easily connect data points

Get insight into the guest spending journey that isn’t provided by traditional payment methods. With our all-in-one management platform, you can gain a unified view of spending and transactional data for each guest, with immediate access to data in real-time. Understand guest spending and interpret behavioral trends with our intuitive reporting and dashboards, giving you valuable insights you can use to help adjust your offerings.


Combine benefits and cashless

With our all-in-one solution, you can easily provide extra benefits on cashless to help drive guest spending. For example, visitors can receive an additional $5 extra every time they buy $50 in cashless or receive a 10% discount on F&B or retail products when they use their cashless account.

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