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Kick your outdated point-of-sale system to the curb! Our next-generation point-of-sale platform provides one centralized place for you to sell products while perfectly integrating with your eCommerce system. Configure different products, various special offers, and different types of reservations, all in real-time. Easily access account information, manage transactions and sell products from anywhere with our cloud-based system that works on any device. Our system makes checkout and point-of-sale fast and easy, giving you more time to provide an excellent experience.


Sell Items

Save time with our lightning-fast sales process and intuitive platform that helps your staff easily move guests through your lines. With Konnect, you can sell items like tickets, season passes, meal packages, cabana rentals, locker reservations and more, or load cash onto a guest’s Virtual Wallet for convenient purchasing throughout your venue. 


Account Receivables

Selling tickets through your sales partners should be easy. Our Konnect platform’s Account Receivables feature allows you to produce live tickets for partner organizations (such as hotels, associations and schools) without receiving a deposit. Check the status of accounts with real-time data, send automatic invoices by email, and settle the remaining balance at a later time.


Reservations & Group Management

Save your staff time and minimize phone calls with Konnect! Our highly customizable platform helps you simplify your group reservations and sales management. Manage reservations, receive deposits, reserve tickets and convert into transactions either manually or automatically. With Konnect, you can give your groups the ability to open an account under their company name, and see the status of their reservation as it moves through the different phases at any time. Our platform can be easily configured to fit any group sales need!


View Guest

Your guest data should be easy to access. Unite your guest transactions under one connected ecosystem with our Konnect platform. Give your staff the information they need to understand the way your guests are experiencing your attraction or facility, and to deliver excellent customer service. With our integrated platform, you can quickly find and locate information on guest transactions and activity, including purchase history, demographics, benefits, access control data and more. With a quick search, your staff can see information on purchases and reservations for tickets, retail, F&B and beyond. Our Virtual Wallet ties it all together!


Batch Management

Get an accurate view of daily transactions from across your different point-of-sale locations with our Konnect platform’s batch management features. Track sales per item, revenue, payment ledgers and payment method used. Filter by date and by sales group.


Order Fulfillment (RFID Fulfillment)

Reduce the time that guests spend waiting in line at the entrance with our Konnect platform’s fast and easy order fulfillment process. In just a few steps, your staff can quickly find a guest’s order and associate the ticket or pass with an RFID wearable or simple QR code. Collect season pass photos, configure Virtual Wallets, reload cashless funds and more.


Mobile POS

Your business requires you to be flexible and adaptable, so shouldn’t your point-of-software be the same? Cut down on lines and deploy a mobile point-of-sale platform anywhere in your facility with our Konnect Mobile POS, powered by Adyen! Konnect Mobile POS is the first-of-its kind combined mobile point-of-sale and secure payments solution that is designed to help you reduce the number of fixed POS locations required. Konnect Mobile POS runs on handheld terminals and can help you fulfill orders, sell products and more.

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