Gift Cards

Sell gift cards & track usage

Grow your sales with gift cards that let your guests celebrate any occasion! Our Konnect platform fully supports the sales and use of gift cards across eCommerce and point-of-sale locations. Gift Cards are easy for guests to purchase and redeem, whether they are looking to purchase a ticket or season pass or even top off their cashless balance.


Seamless gift card sales and redemption

Promote and sell gift cards online with Konnect, and make it easy for guests to purchase tickets, passes or load the balance on their Virtual Wallet for a cashless (and cardless) payment method. Our gift card solution can be used for buying tickets and passes as well as cashless payments!


Gift card reporting

Use the real-time reports in Konnect to monitor sales and usage. Compare sales over time or within a given time period to identify trends and use the information to help you plan for the future.

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