F&B & Retail POS

Fully integrated retail & restaurant platform

Our Konnect platform gives you everything you need to deliver fast, friendly and profitable food operations. Let your guests load funds onto their Virtual Wallet and spend them at your dining locations throughout your venue, whether by RFID wearable or simple QR code. Enjoy fast and secure transactions and access real-time information on sales, inventory and customer preferences.


Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)

With the customizable interface of our Konnect platform, it’s easy to set up and configure products like burgers, fries, meal combos and more. Sell items in just a few steps and track everything back to the guest’s Virtual Wallet so you can understand their preferences and habits over time.

Fully Integrated Restaurant POS

Fully Integrated Restaurant POS

Level up your restaurant operations with our fully integrated restaurant point-of-sale platform featuring an intuitive interface, intelligent features like split checks, real-time inventory management, mobile POS and more. Manage stock levels efficiently, enjoy simplified billing with better visualization of groups and automatic tip management, and streamline staff management with powerful reporting tools.


Table Management

Offer guests fast transaction processes through at-the-table bill payments, tablet-based ordering, and item transfer/sharing between customers with your F&B through our Konnect restaurant and retail integration.


Bar Service

Speed up service with an interface that shows the drinks ordered including their preparation instructions. Your staff can even see alternate options if something is out of stock. Give your bar complete control with a system that manages refrigerators, stock in multiple locations, liquor and automatically controlled drafts. Increase sales with powerful bar bill tool that allows for real-time programming of multiple promotions.

F&B POS - Mobile Ordering

Mobile Food Ordering

Offer guests an easy way to order from their mobile devices with our integrated F&B solution. We offer a next-generation online ordering platform that removes friction points, increases average ticket size and jumpstarts conversion rates through our partnership with UEAT.

F&B Kiosk Ordering

Kiosk Ordering

Reduce staffing requirements and lines with F&B kiosks. Guests can order items directly from the kiosk and pay with their Virtual Wallet.

F&B POS - Retail


Increase retail revenue by simplifying the buying process with clear billing optimized price and promotion management, as well as receipt search tools to search past receipts directly from the register.


Turn more tables with Konnect Express

Equip your staff with our lightning-fast handheld POS devices to improve throughput. Simply adding 3 handheld devices can lead to serving 5+ additional tables per day. With an average check of $40, that’s $70,000 in new annual revenue!

F&B POS - Analytics

F&B analytics

Get a clear picture of your F&B operations with Konnect reporting. See sales transactions, real-time data and business statistics across multiple dashboards. Filter and customize reports so you can cross-reference and compare your performance over different days, months or years.


Provide a unified payment experience with integrated Connect&GO Payments.

Offer fast transactions anywhere with credit card, debit card and mobile payments and accept cashless payments with our integrated F&B POS Solution.


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