Parties & Group Booking

Manage larger groups simply

Is your group sales software stuck in a different generation? Give your groups a modern and convenient booking experience with our fully-integrated Konnect platform. Konnect simplifies the group sales process, saving your staff and guests time! Accept reservations, receive deposits, modify inventory and convert into transactions through point-of-sale or e-Commerce channels.

Parties & Group Sakes - Increase sales

Increase your group sales

Don’t limit your group sales reservations to phone conversations that happen during business hours. Make it easy for people to reserve whenever they want to with 24/7 booking, directly from your website. With our Konnect platform’s online portal, guests can open an account, reserve tickets, pay and access their reservation status at any time. Give your sales team access to everything they need to keep deals moving with our Konnect CRM that allows them to track information and easily follow up with prospects.


Take the stress out of party planning

Parties should be fun, not a ton of extra work. From reserving extras to filling out waivers, our Konnect Parties & Group Booking feature creates a unified experience that your party planners will love. When it’s time for the big day, guests will enjoy a fast and convenient check-in process with our speedy point-of-sale, giving them more time to enjoy your rides and attractions. (Now that’s something to celebrate!)

Parties & Group Sales - Increase revenue with add-ons

Capture more revenue with add-ons

Drive additional revenue online by offering complementary items for purchase, such as F&B items, gaming cards or unique packages. With our Konnect platform’s up-selling and cross-selling functionality, you can increase revenue while giving your party planners all of the extras they need to create an outstanding event.

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