Experiential & Gamification

Create engaging experiences

Create unforgettable experiences that your guests will love with our Konnect platform's experiential and gamification features! Customize missions, games, adventures and educational activities that increase guest engagement, loyalty and revenue with our experiential and gamification platform. With a simple tap of a smart wristband, your guests can unlock exciting features that help them experience your venue on an entirely new level.


It all starts with a premium wristband

Create a connected experience for your visitors with RFID wristbands. From ticketing to access control, locker management, cashless payments, photos, games and much more... visitors can do it all, simply by scanning!



Provide interactive experiences that help deepen guest engagement and maximize enjoyment. With a simple tap of their wristband, visitors can activate exciting features that they remember, like sound & light shows, movement of physical objects or customized media experiences that appear on screens.


Gamification & Adventures

Transform your venue into a video game! Let your visitor play games like scavenger hunts and missions, accumulate points, compete with other guests and see the results appear in real-time on a leaderboard. You can choose the number of points earned for each activity and allow visitors to see the points they’ve accumulated in real-time. Guests can easily exchange their points for discounts or products onsite or online.



Communicate the mission of your attraction and create valuable educational content through smart kiosks. Your guests can earn points each time they scan their wristbands and answer different formats of trivia: true/false, multiple-choice questions, and open questions. Set up kiosks with RFID scanners to allow visitors to learn about exhibits and allow visitors to receive more information by email automatically when they scan their wristband. Drive further engagement by including a special promo code!


Guest portal

Maintain a digital connection with your guests through a customer profile. Guests can login, view points accumulated, and photos/videos taken during their visit, all integrated with your ticketing solution.


Maximize guest engagement with Connect&GO!

See how we can help you curate guest experiences that are seamless and unique. With our Konnect platform's experiential and gamification features, your visitors can go on missions, collect badges and enjoy unique experiences that can help you drive revenue at your attraction. Watch our video to learn about our collaboration with Granby Zoo!

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