Using up-sells to your advantage


Finding new ways to increase revenue can sometimes be as simple as re-evaluating your current processes. Are your systems are being used in the most effective ways? Using up-sells and cross-sells on your eCommerce ticketing site is a great way to maximize revenue! Offering more to your existing customers is not only more effective, but also costs less than acquiring a new sale from a new customer. Explore just how important up-sells and cross-sells can be to your operations in our 3-minute video, “Using up-sells to your advantage.” Learn about how pairing up-sells/cross-sells and marketing automation with our Konnect platform can take your revenue to the next level. Don’t let outdated systems hold back your revenue potential! With our integrated operations management platform, your team can maximize revenue, increase guest engagement, and get the most out of your data, all in real-time. For more information on what Konnect can do for your operations, book a demo now!