Beachclub Partners with Connect&GO to Streamline Access Control


The Partnership

Connect&GO provided RFID access control solutions to create a frictionless experience for Beachclub season passholders. Guests received their Beachclub pass in the mail and visited a microsite to fill in a personalized profile and upload a profile photo. Once on-site, guests scanned their RFID passes for access to Beachclub via special fast lanes and their profile photos appeared on the screen as ID verification. Passholders appreciated a fast and seamless entry process while Beachclub operators gained valuable insight into the passholder activity with real-time data insights.



  • Season passholders often had to wait in long lines with general admission guests.
  • It was tedious for guests to have to show an ID every time they entered the attraction.
  • However, the attraction needed a secure way to prevent people from sharing passes with their friends.

The Connect&GO Solution

  • Season passholders could access a fast lane for entrance to the Beachclub site.
  • Guests only had to enter personal information once to have it saved in their profile and visible with each scan.
  • With the Connect&GO platform, guest profiles can include a photo that appears each time the guest is scanned.

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