Netflix at SXSW Partners with Connect&GO to Create Immersive Experience

The Partnership

Connect&GO provided RFID solutions for the Netflix event launch of the new film The Highwaymen at the 2019 South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference and Festival in Austin, TX. The immersive activation recreated a scene from the film; which stars Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson, and tells the story of the two Texas Rangers who chased after the infamous Bonnie & Clyde. With country music playing and actors reenacting key scenes from the film, guests scanned in and enjoyed the immersive atmosphere of the Old West.

Games were set-up inside the activation, and guests scanned to participate and earn points they could redeem for prizes. The Netflix representatives on-site at SXSW enjoyed a detailed overview of guest participation at their activation and data could be analyzed to determine overall interest in the upcoming film. Country singer Luke Nelson also performed at the busy Highwaymen House activation.

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Check Circle orange Looking for a reliable way to track guest data and participation

Check Circle orange Looking to create a connection with SXSW attendees so they would become fans of the film and deepen their loyalty to the Netflix brand

Check Circle orange Looking to gamify the experience to increase guest engagement



The Connect&GO Solution


Check Circle orange Scan touch points were set up at both the entrance and the exit so that organizers could see exactly how long each participant spent insight the experience

Check Circle orange The ability to access key demographic information every time a guest scanned to enter and participate

Check Circle orange Reporting that helped organizers learn the specific demographics that showed an interest in the film, and what activities they were accessing

Check Circle orange Gamification and points system that was created with an interactive gambling table and actors

Check Circle orange Points could be redeemed at the General Store for prizes such as personal flasks and more. Points could be carried over for the duration of the conference and guests were encouraged to return at any time during their SXSW experience


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