Safeband is an out-of-the-box social distancing and contact tracing solution

Make it easier to maintain physical distance


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Respects Suggested Physical Distancing Guidelines

Safeband facilitates the safe return-to-work for employees by alerting them throughbuilt-in haptic vibrations and LED lights that they are too close to their colleagues. It helps ensure that suggested safety guidelines are followed and reduces the risk of repeatedly locking down the work environment for extended periods of time.

Contact Tracing and Unique IDs

The Safeband Management Platform records all interactions between uniquely identified Safebands. Once an employee has tested positive for COVID-19, you can query the Safeband Unique ID in the management platform to see the historical interactions it had with other Unique IDs and inform the employees to properly take the necessary steps to have them tested or quarantined.

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Respect of privacy


With a multi-day battery life, Safeband is a ready-to-use, out-of-the-box rechargeable device that’s simple to deploy. With the Safeband Management Platform, you can easily assign Unique IDs anonymously and start physical distancing and contact tracing within minutes.

Easy to Deploy and Easy to Manage

Thanks to an anonymous identifier, Safeband ensures complete employee privacy. Only the platform admin user has access to the Safeband IDs and can separately identify employees in case of contact tracing queries.

Privacy and No Personal Data Associated

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It’s about staying Safely Connected through Physical Distancing and Contact Tracing in your Workplace.

Why use
Safeband in your business?

How it works

The Safeband records interactions between users in 4 simple steps

  1. The Safeband detects the proximity of other wearables and alerts its user if they’re standing within a 2m (6ft) distance from each other.

  2. Each interaction is stored in the Safeband temporarily until it synchs with the Safeband Bluetooth Gateways.

  3. The Safeband Bluetooth Gateways installed in strategic locations on premise and connected to the WiFi periodically transmit their interactions data’ to our cloud server and synched to the Safeband Management Platform.

  4. If an infection is confirmed, a designated person from your enterprise will be able to visualize the interaction history detected by Bluetooth and use the web interface anonymous data to set up an internal action plan.

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3 ways to wear it

By offering the possibility to wear the Safeband as a wristband, keychain fob or on a lanyard, your employees can easily integrate this device to their daily routines.


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