Self-Service Kiosks

Unleash the power of self-service sales!

Step into the next generation of self-service technology with our Connect&GO kiosk, powered by Olea. Get your guests out of line with a one-stop shop for tickets and passes, cashless reloads, wristband order fulfillment and more!


Join the self-service revolution

Sell and process more with no extra headcount required! Reduce the burden on your team and enhance the customer experience with our Connect&GO kiosks. Discover a new era of efficiency and maximize ROI!


Get your guests out of line

From entry tickets to pre-purchased food & beverage items, the Connect&GO kiosk can be used to deliver speedy sales of virtually anything! Accelerate guest check-in with wristband order fulfillment and make it easy for guests to “top up” cashless funds throughout your facility.


Free Guide:

Best practices for achieving success with self-service technology.

Increase sales

Drive onsite sales of tickets, add-on items and passes. Let your guests pre-purchase food & beverage items and add cashless funds from anywhere in your venue! Choose available items for purchase and customize their display through our system that is  perfectly integrated with your eCommerce and point-of-sale channels.


Deliver better experiences for all

Let your guests enjoy a self-guided sales experience that is modern and elegant. Reduce the pressure on your team by minimizing long lines and give them more opportunities to deliver excellent guest service.