Connect&GO Launches a Captivating Experience with the New Connected Wristbands at Granby Zoo

July 13, 2021


July 13, 2021 – Montreal, Quebec – Connected wristbands, animal park, aqua park, ride park, evening trek, Granby Zoo offers an even more amazing experience in summer 2021! With the purchase of a pass at the Zoo, guests are given connected wristbands which offer a wide range of possibilities. Included in the capabilities is adding money to the wristband to make quick payments on food and beverage, stores, and more!

Guests will also be able to purchase the Experience+ wristband for $8.99. The wristband gives them a fun and interactive experience on-site and will capture their visit with free exclusive photos and videos. The wristband has collectable animal heads to delight young and old alike who will want to wear them long after their visit to the Zoo.

Developed by the Montréal-based startup, Connect&GO, known for its smart wristbands used at the Olympic Games and the SuperBowl, the RFID technology enhances the visitor experience and manages site capacity in real-time. The Zoo is now the first zoo in North America to deploy the Konnect platform by Connect&GO, based on the most advanced virtual wallet technology available on the market.

From ticketing to point-of-sale systems, from food and beverage to store, from ride management to keepsake collection, and more! Everything is centralized on one platform giving the Zoo both flexibility and knowledge of its customers.

“Although we have completed projects all over the world, the Granby Zoo project is the one we are most proud of. In addition to being close to us, it is a project that will become our showcase for deploying other versions around the world. Several major clients from France and the United States have already asked us to come and see the project as soon as it becomes available,” says Dominic Gagnon, CEO of Connect&GO.


Experience+: where a physical place becomes a video game

Powered by Play&GO, the engine which creates interactive experiences from Connect&GO, the Experience+ wristband allows guests to discover a number of unforgettable adventures. As soon as visitors activate their smart wristband, they become the players and discover the missions they must accomplish throughout the day. Whether it’s the treasure hunt where they must find the endangered animals on each continent or quizzes where their knowledge is put to the test, guests are engaged in an interactive and educational journey.

Guests experience magical moments with the use of a virtual reality mirror that transforms both children and parents into different animals, all captured in a photo keepsake, or in the temple where the wristband illuminates prehistoric drawings in black-light on the walls— something to amuse young and old!