My intuition tells me that 2024 will be exceptional (guest post)



Guest post by Dominic Gagnon, Connect&GO CEO and Co-founder, from his column on Les Affaires. 


At the beginning of this new year, we are inundated with articles seeking to attract maximum clicks: year-end summaries, resolution lists, or the top 10 most inspiring people of 2023. But rest assured, this opinion piece does not fall into that category!

Another trendy topic at the end of each year is the publication of predictions. You have probably already seen numerous articles on upcoming technological trends or Deloitte's economic predictions for 2024 (a little sneak peek: there will be an interest rate decrease, apparently!).

While these topics can be interesting, it's not the focus of my blog. In reality, I prefer to avoid making predictions for which no one will hold me accountable in December 2024.

In fact, I simply believe that 2024 will be a fantastic year for startups, innovators, and those who dare to step out of their comfort zone. However, if you were expecting tangible evidence or facts to support my enthusiasm, I will disappoint you because I don't really have any. I rely on my intuition, and that's precisely what I want to talk to you about – the importance of intuition.

What is intuition?


In my view, intuition is one of the superpowers of many entrepreneurs, but they often neglect it in favor of logical and in-depth analyses.

It's not blind faith in tangible data or rational calculations. It's also not irrational confidence that everything will return to the way it was in recent years (and I hope no one has that hope). On the contrary, intuition is a subtle and often underestimated force that results from our experiences, observations, and understanding of situations.

Intuition is a bit like a "sixth sense" that develops over time. The more experiences you have, the more your intuition gives you the ability to pick up subtle signals and anticipate outcomes without needing all the data at hand.

We could also represent intuition as an inner compass that guides us when faced with complex decisions or situations where objective information is insufficient. For entrepreneurs and innovators, intuition is a precious resource. While it's crucial to base the majority of our decisions on facts and data, there are moments when the future is uncertain, parameters are constantly changing, and data alone cannot provide all the answers.

That's where intuition comes into play. It helps you identify hidden opportunities that most people overlook and make bold decisions based on that inner feeling.

Personally, I have long tried to suppress my intuitions, always seeking maximum information to justify my decisions. However, the reality is that when I have that spark of intuition, I have rarely been wrong.

When intuition is well-developed, it becomes a powerful ally for making informed, innovative, and strategic decisions. It encourages us to think outside the box, experiment with new approaches, and seize opportunities that others might ignore. It's a bit like having a generative AI integrated into our brains, urging us to take different paths to achieve different results.

Why does my intuition tell me that 2024 will be wonderful?

As I explained earlier, intuition is the ability to sense and grasp various information that may not be immediately apparent but gives a sense of understanding what will happen.

I am convinced that 2024 will be a positive year because I believe the previous years did not accurately reflect reality.

Here are some reasons fueling my intuition:

  1. Investors seem to have finally returned to reason and stopped investing irrationally in trendy trends like Web3, blockchains, or NFTs. This doesn't mean these sectors aren't promising, but the irrational hype seems to be dissipating.

  2. We now have a deeper experience of remote work and a better understanding of its advantages and disadvantages. Common sense seems to be prevailing, which could improve our way of working.

  3. Inflation, while not completely halted, shows signs of stabilization, which could bring some serenity to markets and the economy in general.

  4. Quality products from good companies led by competent leaders seem to be regaining investors' attention.


Beyond these concrete elements, I have this deep intuition that 2024 will largely be a positive year, although I do not underestimate the challenges many people will face.

Whether I believe in an exceptional year in 2024 may mean nothing to you. On the contrary, your intuition may tell you the opposite. I could also drown you in an avalanche of charts and quotes from credible sources, but that might not change much, and that's perfectly fine. Listen to your inner voice, not mine, and act accordingly.

In my case, listening to my intuition allowed me to navigate the pandemic despite losing 98% of our income, and it's clear that in 2024, I will continue to follow my instinct, telling me that there will be numerous opportunities and that one must be ready!

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