International Women's Day 2024


Celebrating Women in Tech

International Women's Day is a beacon of celebrating achievements and pushing forward for gender equality across all spectrums of society. Today, we spotlight the stories of six women from our Engineering team at Connect&GO, delving into their lives in the tech industry—a field historically dominated by men. Their experiences shed light on challenges, breakthroughs, and the invaluable support systems that pave the way for more inclusive and diverse tech environments. 


Diverse Paths to Tech

The journeys of Sophia, Virginie, Alice, Nia, and Lizbeth into tech highlight the uniqueness of each path. Sophia discovered her passion for Quality Assurance (QA) serendipitously after suggesting software improvements, not realizing it was a career. Virginie's curiosity led her from self-taught app and game creation to a career focused on development. Alice found her niche in QA during university, despite initial disinterest in high school computer science. Nia was inspired by her tech-savvy parents to explore technology from a young age. Lizbeth, driven by her love for video games, ventured into computer engineering with dreams of creating her own. 


Challenges Faced by Women in Tech

Despite their varied entry points into tech, these women shared common challenges, including having their expertise underestimated and their voices silenced. They particularly felt the pressure to outperform male colleagues to gain respect. Their authority was sometimes challenged due to their gender. Interruptions and the scarcity of female colleagues further highlighted the gender disparity in their workplaces. 


The Power of Female Support

The importance of support among women in tech cannot be overstated. Female colleagues provided a network of encouragement, helping others feel comfortable and valued for their contributions. This sense of belonging and mutual support has been crucial in navigating the challenges and fostering an environment where women can thrive. 


Leadership and Representation Matter

Our colleagues stressed the importance of gender representation in leadership roles. Having a woman as a manager made some of our colleagues feel more listened to and more comfortable in voicing their concerns. They all advocated gender-balanced representation in management positions, pointing out that it enabled employees to find figures they could identify with and empathize with in positions of authority. 


Beyond the Technical: Combating Stereotypes

A team member touched on an aspect often overlooked—the pressure to conform to a "tech look." She bravely chose to remain true to her feminine identity despite the industry's subtle push towards a less feminine appearance. This highlights a broader issue of appearance-based prejudices that women in tech face, adding an unnecessary layer to the daily challenges. 


Solidarity and Representation

In closing, let's remember the validity of our shared experiences and championing representation. It's not just about overcoming technical hurdles but also dismantling the societal and cultural barriers that limit women's full participation and recognition in tech. On this International Women's Day, we celebrate the women in our team not just for their technical achievements but for their resilience, courage, and the paths they are paving for the generations to come.