Why It’s Time For Contactless Tech



As the world continues to deal with the unsettling and unprecedented reality of COVID-19, many of us are already wondering how this experience will change the way we operate in the future. Most businesses will likely have to adapt to a “new normal” once we finally move past this global pandemic. For now, we can take a step back and evaluate the ways we do business and manage events. Many amusement park and attraction owners are considering alternatives that will require less physical contact and provide a safer experience for their clients, guests and employees.


Contactless Tech

Innovative tech solutions allow guests to manage their own experience at amusement parks and other attractions. RFID wristbands are associated to personalized online profiles that guests can use to manage everything from activity bookings to personal spending online. Once at the park, guests scan their wristbands to enter the site, get on rides, take pictures, participate in games and more. Park employees no longer need to check physical tickets or stamp guests’ hands for proof of payment. This type of social distancing is essential right now but may continue to be common practice post-COVID-19.


Cashless Payments

As we look for ways to limit physical contact WHO is encouraging businesses to operate with contactless payment options. By not exchanging physical cash, guests and employees can process transactions quickly and efficiently without coming into physical contact. Cashless payment solutions are particularly practical for amusement parks and other attractions. RFID wristbands can be loaded with funds or can be linked directly to a guest’s credit card for simplified transactions during their visit. Cashless payments are fast and secure; which means shorter wait times in queues and reliable sales reporting with no cash-handling errors.


Increased Spend-Per-Head

Another advantage of using a cashless solution is that the convenience for guests often leads to increased overall spend-per-head. Guests are likely to spend more during their visit to the park when it is so easy for them to simply scan and pay. Not having to carry a wallet and pay with cash makes it easier than ever for guests to make more impulse purchases at the park. Reduced wait times allow park employees to serve more guests in a shorter period, which also leads to increased overall sales.

Right now, it may be difficult to imagine life going back to “normal”; but at Connect&GO we are hopeful that we will all come out of this experience with new ideas and new approaches to business and operations. We need to work with innovative solutions that make sense for our communities and our society at large. Contactless tech will most certainly be a part of our lives as we move forward.


What now?

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