Ubisoft Rabbids Amusement Center


The Partnership

Connect&GO provides RFID wristbands for kids and parents to enjoy a frictionless experience at this fun play zone created by one of the world’s leading video game developers. Child and parent passes can be paired for additional security and each pass is associated with a personal profile that includes important information such as emergency contacts and allergy info. Kids scan their wristband throughout the center to play games, earn points and take on new challenges. Wristbands can be loaded with credit to be used for drinks and snacks at the center. Parents enjoy peace of mind knowing their child’s participation is tracked and the child cannot leave the center without the parent associated to their RFID wristband.



  • Guests needed to use physical tickets to enter the center.
  • Parents had to accompany children to pay for snacks.
  • Concern around emergency situations such as lost children, allergy attacks, etc.
  • Did not have a differentiating factor.

The Connect&GO Solution

  • All passes are stored within the guest’s profile and associated directly to the RFID wristband.
  • Parents can load credit onto children’s wristbands to monitor spending while at the center.
  • Staff can determine emergency info by scanning a child’s wristband. If a child is lost, parents are notified instantly via SMS.
  • RFID integration helped to make the Rabbids Amusement Center stand out from others in the market.

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