Six Flags La Ronde Creates Premium Passholder Experiences with Connect&GO

 The Partnership

Connect&GO partnered with Six Flags La Ronde to help deliver a frictionless experience to season passholders using RFID technology, access control and digital token payments. 

Passholders can scan their RFID passport for fast access to the amusement park and to receive one meal per visit. Each RFID passport is linked to a personalized profile that contains detailed information about the guest.

Six Flags La Ronde2



Check Circle orange Season passholders often had to wait in long entrance lines with general admission visitors. 

Check Circle orange Guests previously had to use paper coupons to retrieve their pre-paid meals for each visit.


The Connect&GO Solution


Check Circle orange Season passholders can access fast lanes at the park entrance by scanning their RFID passport.

Check Circle orange Passholders can easily redeem their meal at each visit, with no physical coupons required.


Six Flags La Ronde

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