Nerf Challenge


The Partnership

Connect&GO provided RFID solutions for the world premier of the Nerf Challenge in Los Angeles. Guests used self-serve dispensers to sign digital waivers and receive their RFID wristbands for the pop-up attraction. Once inside, guests scanned their wristbands to participate in Nerf obstacles and shooting games. Each time a guest scanned to play one of the 12 games on-site, they received points that were saved directly to their personal profile. Guests could redeem their points to participate in the final “Battle Ground” activation. RFID wristbands worked for a period of 3 hours each, after which the guest would no longer be able to play.



  • Looking for a way to monitor crowd capacity and overall attendance.
  • Looking for an interactive way to connect the experience for guests.
  • Needed to enforce a time limit on each player’s access to the activations.

The Connect&GO Solution

  • Guests scanned to enter the site and to play games. All scans were recorded within the dashboard and organizers could get a real-time overview of attendance and capacity.
  • Guests earned points when they played games and could compare their scores with other players.
  • RFID chips were programmed to last for three hours each; at which point the guest would have to stop playing.

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