Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Streamlines Guest Experience with Connect&GO

The Partnership

Connect&GO partnered with Hyde Park Winter Wonderland in London to help streamline the guest experience at their winter-themed attraction, creating a connected “Coaster Pass” for guests who wanted to hop on any of the attraction’s nine rollercoasters and rides.

Using the Konnect all-in-one attractions management platform, Hyde Park could provide a frictionless way for guests to purchase, reload and use the “Coaster Pass” while getting valuable access to data in real-time.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2


Check Circle orange Looking to enhance the guest experience at the attraction.

Check Circle orange Physical tokens/coupons were cumbersome for guests to use, and for the attraction to track.

Check Circle orange Data was difficult to access and use.


The Connect&GO Solution


Check Circle orange The Coaster Pass allowed guests to quickly access rides and avoid waiting in long lines.

Check Circle orange Digital tokens are easy to use and track.

Check Circle orange Each scan is recorded in the dashboard, making it easy to identify the most popular rides and times of day that guests were visiting.


Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 4

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