Granby Zoo Increases Guest Engagement with Connect&GO


The Partnership

Granby Zoo partnered with Connect&GO to create an all-new adventure in summer 2021 using the Konnect all-in-one attractions management platform and Play&GO connected wearables.

Konnect ensures a frictionless ticketing system with an integrated POS, access control and a cashless payment system. Play&GO uses interactive terminals to create activities throughout the zoo, creating an augmented experience that increases guest spending. Operators gain valuable insights into guest behavior while visitors enjoy an immersive and adventure with scavenger hunts and quizzes, photo and video memories, connected and collectable wristbands.



  • Complicated POS system that couldn’t be updated
  • No integration between POS and operations
  • Looking for new ways to improve guest engagement and return visits
  • Disconnect between the experience and the mission of the zoo
  • Little data on guest behavior

The Connect&GO Solution

  • Improved POS and eCommerce system that is easy to use and update
  • Integrated ticketing platform to efficiently manage access control and cashless payments
  • Interactive scanning terminals with RFID wristbands creating augmented physical experiences and activities
  • Real-time data analytics on guest traffic and behavior to better cater to guests’ needs
  • Online customer profiles that engage with guests and allow them to purchase photos and videos from their visit

“In collaboration with Connect&GO, we developed a brand-new interactive experience for our zoo”

“This experience allows visitors to go on missions, collect badges and enjoy unique experiences (pictures with animal filters, a lighting experience, triggers throughout the zoo that activate sounds and music, etc). Our guests can create souvenir photos and videos. There is also an online platform where each visitor can see their progression and download their souvenirs/memories.”

Samuel Grenier

Vice President, Granby Zoo

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