Diamond Resorts Invitational Partners with Connect&GO for a Sophisticated Guest Experience


The Partnership

Connect&GO provided RFID access control and experiential solutions for the 2019 Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Event organizers were looking for a way to streamline access to multiple events over 6 days, as well as ways to encourage guest engagement and social sharing. They also needed to provide adequate security for high-profile guests.

Using Connect&GO’s highly flexible all-in-one attractions management platform, Konnect, Diamond Resorts was able to create a frictionless experience for guests and operators alike. Using a stored Virtual Wallet feature, Konnect centralizes data and systems for ticketing, access control, payments and more. Guests can access credentials using an RFID wearable or a simple QR code.

Throughout the 6-day Tournament of Champions, guests could use RFID wristbands to access tournament events as well as evening celebrations. The Konnect platform allowed operators to issue multiple credentials for over 3,000 guests ranging from attendees to celebrities. Additionally, roaming cameras were on-site to take photos of guests. If guests registered their social media accounts, they could have access to all photos taken throughout the high-profile event.



  • Looking for a way to streamline access to multiple events over six days.
  • Looking to provide security for high-profile guests.
  • Organizers wanted to encourage engagement and social media sharing

The Connect&GO Solution

  • The Konnect all-in-one attractions management platform allows multiple ticket types to be used for the same event, and credentials can be managed in real-time through the dashboard.
  • Each guest is registered to a personalized profile, so their identity is checked each time they enter a new zone or event.
  • Roaming cameras are an unobtrusive way to get guests to take photos at the event. Photos can easily be shared to social media.

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