Connect&GO Powers Frictionless Experiences at the Winter Olympics 2018


The Partnership

Connect&GO provided RFID access control and cashless payment services for over 12,000 people in the Olympic Village Canada House during the 2018 Winter Olympics. Passholders could add payment and emergency contact information to the personalized profile associated with their wristband, which they could use throughout the village. Wristband-holders simply scanned at the point of sale to pay instantly on the vendor’s chosen device. Both participants and organizers appreciated the convenience of a cashless environment.

Connect&GO’s integrated attractions management platform helps operators increase guest engagement by providing one centralized place to manage ticketing, cashless payments, access control and more. Guest data is saved in a Virtual Wallet that works seamlessly with RFID wearables and simple QR codes.



  • Wanted a way to ensure that visitors couldn’t share passes with their friends.
  • It was difficult to track crowd capacity within the Village in real-time.
  • Visitors tried to pay using a variety of different currencies.

The Connect&GO Solution

  • A photo ID was included in each profile, and the image appeared each time the guest scanned.
  • Crowd capacity was tracked in real-time within the access control dashboard.
  • A standardized currency was used for all on-site cashless transactions.

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