Point of No Return (Podcast): Enhancing human experiences with Anthony Palermo, Co-Founder and CEO @ Connect&Go


March 9, 2018 - Anthony Palermo speaks with Point of No Return (PNR) for Episode 62 of their weekly podcast. Palermo shares his entrepreneurial journey from running his own housekeeping business at age 16 to co-founding Connect&GO, one of the most recognizable tech companies in Montreal. 

Listeners are introduced to Connect&GO's platform, which includes modules for access control, cashless payments and experiential solutions, and Palermo's perspective on the importance of culture in scaling a company as well as what the future holds for "human experiences" and the importance of choosing your partners selectively. 

Under the guidance of Anthony Palermo and co-founder Dominic Gagnon, Connect&GO grew rapidly in the first few years, providing technology at major festivals like Osheaga and events as big as the Superbowl. 

Listen to the full podcast here