Connect&GO Launches Konnect, its All-in-One Platform for Leisure Attractions, Powered by its Proven Virtual Wallet Technology

May 12, 2021


May 12, 2021 – Montreal, Quebec – Known for its smart wristbands used in major events such as the Olympic Games and the Superbowl, Connect&GO is proud to announce the launch of its new virtual wallet-driven platform designed for the attractions industry: Konnect™.

A real revolution in the ticketing field, the Konnect™ cloud-based ecosystem brings together everything that park and amusement managers need, all in one place: a ticketing point of sale software with integrated e-Commerce, the management of season passes, memberships, bundles, party bookings, waivers, smart access with capacity control, modern restaurant and retail POS software, marketing automation and CRM, financial management and much more.

When purchasing a ticket, the guest’s virtual wallet is created and can be assigned to a smart wearable or an RFID card or even directly to their mobile device. This v-wallet, which is the guest’s digital passport, is at the center of the Konnect™ ecosystem. It contains all the pertinent entitlements to personalize their experience such as their access, privileges, virtual currency (cashless payment), pre-purchased items, etc.

From opening your locker and paying for your goodies to capturing the best memories

The guest will be able to frictionlessly interact with all the experience touchpoints with the connected wristband. Integrated with several preferred partners, the Konnect virtual wallet can easily open a locker, allow users to pay for their food and beverages with cashless payments, trigger an automated camera system to create virtual memories or even benefit from unique privileges such as access to certain areas or additional discounts.

“It’s now totally possible to offer a multitude of flexible benefits through these virtual wallets. For example, a season pass holder could benefit from a discount at various restaurants or a freebee at the store” says Anthony Palermo, co-founder of Connect&GO.

A revenue generating device

The Konnect™ ecosystem allows leisure attractions to offer a multitude of options to its visitor such as the presale of food packages, products at the store, cabana rentals or even exclusive interactive experiences. “ One of the most powerful advantages of our platform is to digitize the products on a wristband or on the buyer’s mobile device. This makes it possible to create a multitude of products and combinations for the attraction making our tool an incredible revenue generator ” says Marc-André Dubé, technical director, product management, at Connect&GO.



Data that allows attractions to take the guest experience to the next level

With every guest’s interactions being recorded, the marketing opportunities are endless. As soon as the ticket is purchased, it will be possible to launch a sequence of targeted communications: for example, a welcome email the morning of the visit, a promotion for the add-on of a locker or a food package to their ticket or an automated satisfaction survey as soon as the visitor leaves the park. “ Unlike the majority of solutions on the market, Konnect™ allows you to really obtain an advanced analysis of customer behavior by de-anonymizing it. Now you can find out what their food preferences are or what experiences they have participated in to help you adjust your offerings ” says Mathieu Dupuis, vice-president, product & technology.


A comprehensive loyalty platform

Linked to its guest experience engine Play&GO, the Konnect™ platform allows guests to be rewarded and compensated based on their behavior. Whether it is through the purchase of a ticketing product, visiting the site or participating in games, the guest accumulates points redeemable for discounts and applicable products.




An exceptional growth despite the pandemic

Over the last few months, the Konnect™ platform has been deployed in more than 10 parks, zoos and attractions around the world which will total over 5 million virtual wallets created by the end of 2021. “ We plan to continue growing and staying doubly focused on innovating technologically within the attractions industry ” says Dominic Gagnon, co-founder & CEO of Connect&GO.


About Connect&GO

Connect&GO is a global leader in RFID technology offering a unique combination of smart wearable technology and intuitive operating management systems for the leisure, sports and entertainment industries. Our all-in-one platform powers Omni-channel ticketing, waivers, access control, point of sale, cashless payments, gamification, experiential activations and activities, creating a seamless end-to-end guest experience that generates secondary revenues, increases spend-per-head and maximizes engagement. We’ve partnered with major amusement and water parks, brands and agencies, festivals and sporting events around the world to integrate our easy-to-use wearable technology into the incredible experiences they offer. We also provide modular operations software that help our clients achieve optimal visibility and efficiency in their businesses. We make it simple for guests to ENTER, PAY and PLAY!