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RFID at Amusement Parks : the customer engagement system

Amusement parks strive to create an experience that will encourage guests to make repeat visits to the park. Major parks are always looking for ways to enhance the guest experience and set themselves apart from the competition. With Disney World as a benchmark for early adoption of RFID, each park works to adapt the experience to best suit their location, services and clientele.

Incorporating RFID is an innovative way to streamline the guest experience and bring added value to the guest, the park and partnering brands. At Connect&GO, we work with amusement parks to create customized RFID strategies for access, payments and experiential that help resolve problematic issues for the park and improve the overall guest experience, which, in turn, leads to greater customer engagement and loyalty.

With extensive experience in RFID deployments at large events, Connect&GO has offered its robust system to clients in a variety of sectors including; amusement parks, multi-day music festivals, major sporting events and others.