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RFID for Brand Activations

Marketing initiatives have changed dramatically in recent years. Brands can no longer rely on massive billboards, TV ads or distributed samples to get their product in front of the consumer. In a world filled with communication outlets, real-time messaging and consumer-generated content, brands need to be particularly conscious about their positioning, so as to ensure they stand out from all the other noise. More and more creative advertising agencies are finding the greatest value for money spent in creating a real life experience whereby the consumer actually gets to connect with the brand in a tangible way.

Experiential marketing is not a new concept, but, like any other marketing initiative, it requires constant evolution to stay fresh and pertinent. Today’s consumer has spent his/her entire life being bombarded by advertising messages and attempts to garner attention for a particular product or brand. Most consumers are becoming more discerning and less easily impressed by basic marketing efforts. Brands are, therefore, turning to creative agencies to come up with new ways to showcase their product and their message for the consumer. From VR (virtual reality) and AI (artificial intelligence) to drive-to-store initiatives and app-driven games and contesting, the marketing experience has become a lot more engaging for the consumer. Experiential activations have proven to be very effective, as noted in an Adweek article by Patrick Coffee,