Why you should use it at your theme park!

The word ‘gamification’ gets tossed around a lot lately, but some people may still be asking themselves “What does it actually mean? And why should it matter to me?” Simply put, gamification means adding game-like principles and elements to an activity – often in a non-game context. It’s a great way to increase guest engagement by adding an element of competition, a point system or another appealing feature to draw people in.


A game-like element that you add to any activity. Scavenger hunts, point systems, physical challenges, and trivia kiosks can all be developed with aspects of gamification.

EX: Creating a scavenger hunt at a theme park that encourages guests to scan at touchpoints around the entire park to answer clues and earn points.


Guests who may otherwise skip some activities are lured in by the chance to beat their friends and family at a competition or to earn points and win cool prizes. Guests scan their RFID wristbands to participate in the interactive play opportunities made available.

EX: Parents may think theme park games are just for kids, but when they realize the scavenger clues are challenging, and the prizes are appealing (like 50% off tickets for their next visit!); they may be encouraged to join in the game and scan to play.


The more guests scan to participate in your activations, the more you learn about their behaviors and preferences. Consumer data can be invaluable when it comes to marketing and business development decisions for your park.

EX: Each time a guest scans; their information is recorded. You can determine certain details about your consumers and their preferences by reviewing the data acquired. Which activities appeal to which demographic? What times of day are the busiest? Which merchandise prize is the most popular? Etc.


Guests enjoy the element of surprise that some games provide. When placed in an unexpected area, a physical challenge or trivia competition can make a theme park visit more exciting. Most guests love to compete against others – especially if they have a chance to win a great prize at the end!

EX: Kids may be accustomed to going to a theme park, but when they find out they can earn points for going on more rides or answering trivia questions correctly, the ordinary visit takes on a new and exciting twist. The gamification of the experience makes it more enjoyable and memorable!

Adding elements of gamification is one more way you can get closer to your guests. It offers them an enhanced experience they will remember. Any time a guest participates in their experience at your park, it becomes more personalized and therefore more enjoyable for them. Whether young or old, most guests enjoy playing games and winning prizes. It’s a simple concept that, when supported by RFID technology, can be easy to implement at any theme park or event.

To learn more about how to leverage technology to create the best guest experience at an amusement park, download our white paper on the topic here.

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