Even the biggest, most successful amusement parks depend on repeat visits. Park operators hope their guests will have such a great time at the park that they will be sure to visit again in the future. So, how do parks encourage their guests to keep coming back for more? Discounts and promotions can only go so far, and many park operators are realizing they need to actually build a relationship, and leave a lasting impression, in order to build consumer loyalty with their guests.
As they shuffle through busy entrance gates and wait forever in lines for rides, most amusement park guests end up feeling pretty anonymous. These days, many parks are trying to show appreciation for their guests by personalizing the experience. RFID technology can be implemented at any amusement park to give operators a better overview of guest activity and a deeper insight into their personal preferences and behaviors.

1. A Special Welcome!

When using RFID for access control, the amusement park provides guests with a connected wristband that is associated with a personal online profile. Each time the guest scans; the park knows exactly who they are. This personal information can be used to make guests feel recognized. A personalized welcome message can show guests they are special and that their presence at the park is appreciated.

“WELCOME JIMMY! So happy to see you again!”

2. Ride Recommendations

Consumer behavior data can also be used to determine the type of rides each guest likes most. For example, if a guest has scanned only at the fastest roller coasters, a personalized message can be sent to their profile with a new ride recommendation. This personalization of the experience can go a long way towards making a guest feel important. Guests feel encouraged to come back to a park that understands what they like most about the experience.

“Hey Jimmy, you’re obviously not afraid of heights! You should try our turbo tower drop!”

3. Points & Prizes

RFID can be used to develop a point system that will boost guest engagement at the amusement park. Touch points can be set up throughout the park, allowing guests to scan their wristband to earn points they can redeem for prizes. This type of gamification is a great way to get guests of all ages to experience the park fully and partake in a friendly competition with friends and family. All points are saved to the guest’s personal profile, encouraging them to return for a future visit and earn more!

“Wow! Way to go Jimmy! You earned 1,500 points today – just 500 more to win a gold-level prize!”

4. Extending the Visit

The information shared at registration can be used to extend communication with guests after their visit to the amusement park. Personalized messages can be sent to the guests, thanking them for their visit to the park and offering targeted incentives for them to come back. Guests like to feel that their business is appreciated. Amusement parks that show a willingness to provide guests with the best possible experience will stand out as a clear choice for the guest’s future visits.

“Thanks so much for your visit, Jimmy! We can’t wait to welcome you again soon!”

5. A Physical Reminder

RFID wristbands can be customized with the amusement park colors and logo, and guests can re-use their wristband for future visits. Having a physical reminder at home of the fun experience they had at the park, will incentivize guests to return to the park again. Specialty wristbands can be offered as part of a VIP program, allowing guests to feel they are included in a special community of people who love amusement parks as much as they do!

Our RFID loyalty program has been a huge success at Canobie Lake Park in Salem, New Hampshire; but the solution can be adapted to suit the specific needs of any park. To learn even more about how RFID can be used to enhance the guest experience, download our white paper on the subject!

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