Well, 2019 is off to a great start; and as we move into the second quarter of the year, we can already identify a few of the top trends in amusement and water parks. People are looking for new ways to create memorable guest experiences, drive guest engagement and increase revenue. Here are the top 3 trends we’re noticing for amusement parks and water parks in 2019!

1. Personalization

Guests at London’s Hyde Park Winter Wonderland enjoyed the convenience of our pre-paid RFID cards.

• Park operators are realizing the importance, and value, of knowing their crowd. Knowing your customer is the first step towards being able to personalize the experience for them.

• Guests appreciate personalization. It can be as simple as a welcome message at the park entrance, or an alert with suggestions of rides to try based on the guest’s previous interactions at the park.

• When you personalize the guest experience at your park, you benefit from a deeper emotional connection with your guests; which leads to greater consumer loyalty and more repeat visits to your park.

“… Personalization requires detailed knowledge about your guest. (…) By including real-time data sources, you will have more contextually relevant information to inspire thoughtful action.”

2. Security

At Québec’s Owl’s Head Ski Resort, season pass holders can add their ID photos to the ski pass as an additional security measure.

• Security has always been top of mind for park operators, but the focus has significantly increased in recent years. Parks are looking for security add-ons they can offer to give guests even more peace of mind.

• Using RFID technology, parks can ensure each guest who enters has a registered profile. Some parks use photo ID to add an extra layer of security. Park staff can simply scan a guest’s wristband to confirm their identity at any time.

• Parent and child wristbands can be paired, allowing parents to be notified if their child gets lost. These innovative safety features can be offered at an additional cost; which generates secondary revenue for the park.

3. Wearable Tech

At Canobie Lake Park, RFID access control and cashless payments result in significantly reduced wait times in lines at park entrance and concessions.

• More and more parks are integrating connected wristbands into their guest experience. Most wristbands are waterproof, so they are an excellent option for water parks as well as traditional theme parks. Connected wristbands can be worn by anyone – young or old – and RFID solutions offer benefits for guests of all ages.

• Park operators should consider the placement of scan touch points in their parks. RFID can be used to gain valuable insight into guest behavior and preferences, but it should always be used to bring value to the guest and not simply to gather data.

• RFID touch points (at photo kiosks, or games that let guests earn points) encourage guests to scan because the interaction adds something to their experience. The park learns more about the consumer, while ensuring there is no unnecessary friction for the guest.

“How much data should we collect? Who gets to handle the data? Over-use of wearables can be just as detrimental as underutilizing them.”

Amusement and water parks are putting the needs of their guests first. With a major focus on providing the best possible guest experience, parks are looking for innovative ways to increase security, personalize the experience and make it seamless for their guests. By using flexible technologies such as RFID, parks can enhance the experience for their guests, while also benefitting from a deeper connection with everyone who visits and enjoys their park!

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