March 28, 2020 – Montreal, Quebec – Faced with the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, the Quebec Institute for Logistical Innovation (IILQ) considered the potential contributions it could make to help decision-makers find reasonable solutions for dealing with the crisis. Connect&GO, a Montreal-based company known for developing RFID wristbands for major events around the world, was a natural choice for partnership in this venture.  

For close to ten years before creating Connect&GO, co-founder Anthony Palermo headed up RFID Academia, a leader in the development of RFID solutions for industrial and logistical applications in various industries, including healthcare. Two weeks ago, Connect&GO was approached by the IILQ to help create a logistical solution for hospitals treating patients with COVID-19. The care required for each patient affected by the novel virus has a major impact on both the medical and human resources for hospitals.

Notre-Dame Hospital developed a project to build a hospital within a hospital, the initiative was supported by Mme. Sonia Bélanger, president and CEO of the university-integrated centre for health and social services (the CIUSSS Centre-Sud). The idea behind creating a “hospital within a hospital” was to offer isolated units for patients who have contracted COVID-19 and others for those who have not. The ultimate goals are to limit the risks of infection and reduce the use of materials such as gowns and masks, as well as to save time on security measures for healthcare workers moving between units.

In order to help healthcare establishments faced with this crisis, the IILQ and Connect&GO worked together to develop an innovative application that allows for careful follow-up of a patient going through treatment. The application tracks not only the test samples used for the patient, but also the healthcare workers who assisted them, the medical equipment used, the linens they have come into contact with, the medical waste, etc. The main objective is to avoid cross-contamination, and the application relies on near-field radiofrequency identification (RFID). Whether it is with an RFID wristband or a sticker with an embedded RFID chip, the scanner can easily identify the person or object and can track its progress within the chain of hospital procedures.

According to Anthony Palermo, “this technology offers a number of advantages; it is cost-effective, easy to deploy and uses passive waves that do not interfere with the medical equipment.”

“We never thought our platform would be used in a hospital setting, but this crisis has made us see things differently. Currently, our platform is being used in amusement parks to provide additional security for families by not allowing children to leave the park without the parent and by including allergy and emergency medical information in the profile associated to each guest’s wristband. Clearly, there are many similarities between these existing deployments and the current project we are developing for this unique situation,” says Dominic Gagnon, CEO of Connect&GO.

The project will be deployed as part of the “Challenge programs” launched by the National Research Council Canada in response to the pandemic on March 23rd and is currently being reviewed by ministerial authorities and organizations within the Quebec hospital sector. The first use of the software should take place in early April.


About Connect&GO

Connect&GO is a global leader in Guest Experience Engineering packaging the simplest wearable RFID technology with the smartest modular operations management system for the leisure, attractions, sports and entertainment industries. Flexible software modules for Ticketing, Access Control, Point of Sale, Cashless Payments, Gamification, Experiential Activations and Activities Management create a seamless end-to-end guest experience that generates secondary revenues, increases spend-per-head and maximizes guest engagement. Connect&GO has served major amusement and water parks, ski hills and resorts, brands  and agencies, festivals and sporting events around the world to integrate easy-to-use wearable technology into the incredible experiences they offer, making it simple for guests to ENTER, PAY and PLAY!


Dominic Gagnon, Co-Founder & CEO
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