We’re so excited to share our biggest office culture news with you yet… We’ve got a brand new office space and we’re just dying to show it off! Sure, we loved our old space on St. Dominique, and we still miss the cozy (if cramped) vibe we had created there. But, as an ever-expanding company, it soon became clear we wouldn’t all fit in that location for much longer. Our Connect&GO family is getting bigger and bigger all the time, and we need more space to accommodate everyone on the team.

Our management team looked long and hard for an ideal spot for our new office. We wanted a bigger space, yes, but also an environment that would suit the needs, and culture, of our team. Finally, it was decided that the best way to get exactly what we wanted would be to start from scratch and create a space specifically for us. So that’s what we did. Our new location was once used to host private events. It’s a large, open concept, industrial space that was easily adapted to the theme and specifications of each client’s event. Our CEO saw a lot of potential in the uber-simple layout and used it as a drawing board to design the ideal workspace for the Connect&GO team (one of the most fun projects he says he’s ever worked on!). With input and guidance from our talented brand manager (and professional architects of course!), we came up with a plan for the office that supports the way we work.

Design decisions were made based on the flow of information within the Connect&GO team. The marketing and sales teams are positioned close to one another, and are not far from the executive team office. Next in the chain is admin, operations, tech and development. Ideally, one could track the progression of a project from idea generation and sales to technical creation and deployment.

We decided to maintain an open concept environment on the whole, with only a few closed offices created using glass walls. The open air style is meant to create an atmosphere of inclusion and transparency between all departments. There are, however, a few alternative workspaces for people who grow tired of sitting at their desks all day and feel the need to change things up a bit.On the topic of sitting, that’s something we are doing less and less of these days. Some members of the team opted for standing desks – allowing us to spend more time on our feet and less time stuck in a chair. It’s proven to be a healthier option and (while we can still lower the desks when our feet get tired) we appreciate the ability to stretch our legs while we work.

A lot of effort was put into making our new space an enjoyable work environment. That’s why we replaced three huge garage doors with massive windows to let in more natural light. It’s also why we’ve filled the space with plants and created our own version of a “green wall” with a selection of small plants in a decorative display.

We’ve kept the ping pong table and the fuzbol table (obviously!), and we also added a baby grand piano because…well, why not? Turns out one of our tech guys is also an exceptionally talented pianist and now he can treat us to a tune from time to time! All in all, this is not your average workspace, but that’s because we are not your average company. Everyone on the team worked hard to create a space that really reflects who we are and how we like to do things. Like everything else, it’s a work-in-progress (we’re still sanding and staining our dining tables to get the perfect shade!) but we’re thrilled with the result so far. We’re proud to invite clients and guests to our space and we’ll definitely be hosting an “office-warming” party before too long!

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