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Safest Guest Experiences.

The Connect&GO platform includes an Experiential Activations Module offering opportunities to maximize sponsorships, increase digital reach and reward guests. Branded photo, video and GoPro footage is captured and shared instantly on social media. Participation can be incentivized through gamification and scan-to-win activations. Valuable consumer behaviour data is recorded in real-time and targeted post-visit communication is facilitated.

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Registration microsites

  • Drive-to-mobile registration
  • Social media connects
  • Demographic questions
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Roaming Photographers

  • Cameras generating branded photos
  • Points systems and leaderboards
  • Digital totes to relive the experience
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Video & GIFs

  • Cameras generating branded videos and gifs
  • POV and multi-angled views of the experience
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Contests & Prizes

  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Upgrades and perks
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  • Points and Leaderboards
  • Trivia and Challenges

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