Self-serve kiosks empower your guests to set up their profiles, purchase tickets and redeem their wristbands

Guests use the self-serve kiosk to purchase and receive their connected RFID wristband. By following the touchscreen prompts, guests create their own profiles and activate their wristbands instantly.

Quick, easy and secure

Multiple payment methods accepted at this self-serve kiosk.

Improved client experience

Guests can select the package they want and get their wristband instantly.

Shorter wait times for guests

No more waiting in long lines to access the venue.

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Additional revenue opportunitiy with instant upgrade options

The self-serve kiosk offers upsell recommendations guests can take advantage of immediately. Guest selections are recorded in their personal profiles and can be used to offer targeted promotions in the future.

Multiple payment methods accepted

Guests can choose to pay by credit, debit, gift card or voucher. The easy-to-use machine accepts all payments for quick and convenient transactions.

Vendors get alerts when stock levels run low

Inventory control is simplified with stock-level alerts sent directly via SMS. Employees know when the machine is running low and needs to be re-stocked, so that guests never have trouble processing their orders and getting their wristbands.

Detailed sales reports with consumer behavior data

All ticket sales are recorded and detailed sales reports can be extracted at any time. You can determine which packages options are most popular, what times of day are busiest and which guests opt for specific add-ons and special activities.

Benefits for Guests

  • Less waiting in lines
  • More autonomy over ticket purchasing process
  • Kiosk offers easy-to-follow prompts
  • Special offers available

Benefits for Operators

  • Minimal staff required
  • All sales are recorded and reports can be extracted
  • Kiosks are easy to maintain with regular inventory alerts
  • Facilitated crowd flow at venue entrance

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