Mobile ticketing allows you to go directly to your customers to sell tickets, whether in the parking lot, at the entrance or directly on site.

A mobile payment machine that allows you to sell tickets from anywhere on-site. Vendors can even sell and activate wristbands in the parking lot, so guests don’t have to worry about long lines at the ticketing counter.

Quick, easy and secure

Guest select the payment method they prefer and receive a receipt via email.

Shorter wait times for guests

By purchasing tickets from a mobile vendor, guests skip the lines entirely!

Improved client experience

Offer a frictionless guest experience from the moment they arrive.

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No more waiting in line at the ticket countereting

Guests skip the line and get their wristbands/cards immediately upon arrival by paying with a mobile payment machine. Employees can assist with payments directly from the parking lot.

Purchase and link RFID wristband/card in a few minutes

Vendors use the mobile machine to create guest profiles and link them to the activated RFID wristbands/cards. Once activated, the wristband can be used for access, payments and activations within the park.

Secure purchasing

Transacations are simple, quick and secure. Receipts are sent directly to the guests via email and refunds can be processed easily when needed.

Offer incentives for mobile purchases

Discounts and special add-ons can be offered for guests who purchase tickets using the mobile machines. Revenue can be significantly increased due to promotional offers.

Benefits for Guests

  • Less waiting in lines
  • Simplified guest profile set-up
  • Simple and safe transactions
  • Special offers available

Benefits for Operators

  • Better crowd management at entrance
  • Access to valuable consumer behavior data
  • Transactions are quick and secure, no cash-handling errors
  • Opportunity to offer incentives for guests to purchase add-ons

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