Guests can snap the best photos ever with your roaming camera and photo kiosk options

Photos kiosks and roaming cameras allow guests to capture the moment with a fun photos of their experience. Photos can be printed as a keepsake, or shared instantly on social media platforms.

Maximized sponsorships

Kiosks and photos can be branded with a sponsor’s logo, colors and slogan. The increased exposure is beneficial to sponsors.

Increased digital reach

Guests share photos instantly on social media, which leads to increased digital reach for your park and your sponsors.

An improved guest experience

Guests enjoy being able to take fun family photos and keep them as souvenirs of the experience.

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Innovative way to connect brands with consumers

Branded activations have an even greater impact when they include photo opportunities for guests. Guests enjoy participating in the activation and receiving a photo as a keepsake, the brand is more memorable as a result.

Branded content is shared instantly on social media

Guests can choose to share their branded photos instantly on social media platforms, thereby increasing exposure for your park/event. Consumer-generated content is an extremely effective marketing tool.

Guest preferences recorded and post-event communication facilitated

Each time a guest scans to take a photo, the activity is recorded. Reports can be extracted so that you can determine which guests interacted at which specific touchpoints throughout your venue. Consumer behavior info can lead to informed decision making for the future.

Benefits for Guests

  • An enhanced guest experience
  • Memorable souvenirs
  • Guests don’t have to have a camera or smart phone on hand to take photos

Benefits for Operators

  • Increased guest engagement
  • Photo printing can be an additional revenue-generator
  • Increased digital exposure due to photo sharing on social media

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