Adding a fun twist to everything at your venue, gamification helps enhance the guest experience

A game-like element that you add to any activity. Scavenger hunts, point systems, physical challenges, and trivia kiosks can all be developed with aspects of gamification. Guests who may otherwise skip some activities are lured in by the chance to compete with friends and family, earn points and win prizes. Guests scan their RFID wristbands to participate in a variety of interactive play opportunities.

An improved guest experience

The guest experience is enriched by active participation in games and challenges.

Increased guest engagement

Guests are encouraged to engage with the activities and connect with one another.

Access to consumer behavior data

Each time a guest scans to play, the action is recorded and activity reports can be analyzed to determine behavior patterns.

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Point systems can be used to develop loyalty programs

Guests can earn points each time they scan to participate in an activation. Points can be integrated into a loyalty program – encouraging guests to benefit from special promotions for their next visit, or to invite friends to join them for their next visit to the park.

Operators learn about guests behaviors and preferences

All scans are recorded within the dashboard and activity reports can be extracted at any time. Operators learn which activations are most popular, and which guests are drawn to which activities. Consumer behavior info can be used to make strategic decisions for the business.

The traditional theme park visit becomes more exciting

Creative use of gamification can be a pleasant surprise for guests and can lead to a more memorable experience at your park. Leaving a lasting impression with guests goes a long way towards building customer loyalty and ensuring they will return for future visits.

Benefits for Guests

  • An enhanced guest experience
  • Opportunities to earn points and win prizes
  • Guests can take advantage of loyalty program special offer

Benefits for Operators

  • Increased guest engagement
  • Point system and loyalty program encourage repeat visits
  • Activity reports reveal consumer behavior info

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