A convenient solution for guests who want to place a food order and pick it up at a specific location

Guests visit a mobile site to place their food order and have it delivered to a specified zone within the park. Guests spend less time waiting in lines to order and pick-up their food, and enjoy more time exploring the park!

Shorter wait times

Orders are processed quickly and efficiently, so guests spend less time waiting in lines to order and pick-up their food.

Increased spend-per-head

The kiosk automatically makes upsell recommendations for each order.

An improved client experience

Guests enjoy the freedom of placing their own order and receiving their food at the location of their choice.

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Online orders boost revenue

Guests are inclined to purchase more when they see all menu items available on their screen. The system can also be programmed to provide upsell recommendations based on the selections each guest makes.

A better guest experience with less time waiting in lines

Guests spend less time waiting in lines to place their orders and pick up their food. The convenient solution allows for a simplified order process and convenient delivery for guests at the location of their choice.

Menus can be customized and the platform is easy to use

Menus can be adjusted at any time to include special promotions or new items available. The platform is user-friendly and can be accessed from a guest’s personal mobile device.

Helps guests to respect physical distancing guidelines for a safer experience

With less interaction between employees and guests, physical distancing measures can be easily upheld to provide a safe experience for everyone at you park.

Benefits for Guests

  • Less waiting in lines
  • Convenient delivery options
  • Orders placed directly from a mobile device
  • Guests can customize their orders and take advantage of special promotions

Benefits for Operators

  • Minimal staff required
  • All orders are saved and can be reviewed at any time
  • Increased spend-per-head
  • Greater physical distancing between employees and guests

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