Remove unnecessary friction for your guests by accepting multiple methods of payment

Our sophisticated POS can accept payments by credit, debit or RFID. Guests opt for an open-loop or closed-loop payment plan, according to their spending needs and preferences.


Cashless payment systems are easy to use and generally lead to an increased spend-per-head and more impulse spending.

Quick and secure transactions

Transactions are processed quickly and securely. Guests receive a digital receipt via email for each transaction.

Inventory alerts

Vendors receive inventory alerts when stock levels are running low.

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Multiple payment methods are accepted

Guests enjoy the freedom of choosing the payment method they prefer. The platform can accept credit, debit or RFID payments. The intuitive POS is easy for staff to use, making each transaction quick and hassle-free.

No more theft or cash-handling errors

Employees no longer need to keep track of a cash float or worry about cash-handling errors or theft. All transactions are cashless and easy to process, and no physical cash can be stolen from an unattended register.

Open-loop, closed-loop and hybrid options that are easy to deploy

Guests can link a credit card to their wristband (open-loop), or can load a pre-determined amount for spending during their visit (closed-loop). Hybrid options are also available. All transactions are recorded and can be viewed at any time by the guest or park employee.

Vendors have access to real-time information regarding sales, inventory, customer preferences

Detailed purchasing data shows who is buying what, when and where. Insight into consumer behavior is useful for marketing and inventory decisions. Employees can also track inventory levels closely, ensuring they don’t run out of popular items.

Benefits for Guests

  • No need to have physical cash on-hand, all transactions are cashless.
  • Transactions are recorded within a guest’s profile. Parents can track children’s spending.
  • Transactions are processed quickly, so guests spend less time waiting in lines!
  • Guests don’t worry about having cash lost or stolen. Less germ transmission by not handling physical cash.

Benefits for Operators

  • Convenience of a cashless system often leads to increased spend-per-head.
  • Sales are easy to track and individual transactions can be reviewed at any time.
  • Valuable consumer behavior data is acquired.
  • Easy to train staff to use the all-in-one smart POS.

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