Orders are placed quickly and guests spend less time waiting in line

Guests use this self-serve kiosk to place their food orders instantly. Fewer employees are needed to process orders, and guests spend less time waiting in lines.

Less waiting in lines

Guests can place their own orders quickly and efficiently.

Minimal staff required

Fewer staff members are required for this self-serve solution.

Increases spend-per-head

The kiosk automatically makes upsell recommendations for each order.

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Guests are prompted to make additional purchases, resulting in increased spend-per-head

Guests can view all menu items on the screen and may be inclined to make additional purchases. The kiosk will also provide upsell recommendations according to the items selected by each guest.

An improved guest experience with less time spent waiting in lines

Guests enjoy being able to place their own orders, then receive an alert when it is time to pick up their food. The system is quick and efficient, allowing guests more time to enjoy the park!

Kiosk can be branded with park logo and colors

Self-serve kiosks are an additional branding opprotunity as they can be customized with your park logo and colors. Seamlessly integrated this service at your location by coordinating the colors with your existing marketing material.

Help reduce the risk of germ transmission between employees and guests

Kiosks can be cleaned regularly to reduce the risk of germ transmission. There is less contact required between employees and guests, resulting in a safer experience for everyone at your park.

Benefits for Guests

  • Easy, quick order process
  • Less waiting in lines
  • Reduced risk of germ transmission
  • Orders are saved and can be reviewed from the guest’s mobile device

Benefits for Operators

  • Less staff required
  • Increased spend-per-head
  • Simple and effective solution for food vendors
  • Inventory is automatically adjusted with each order

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