A quick stop at the charging kiosk means guests can continue to spend at your venue

Guests use this self-serve kiosk to easily add funds to their cashless spending account. A guest’s profile is recognized when they scan their RFID wristband; they can then add funds and pay at via credit or debit. Once funds have been topped-up on their account, the guest can scan to make cashless payments anwhere inside the park.

Easy to use

Touchscreen prompts are easy to follow, and multiple payment methods are accepted.

Minimal staff required

Self-serve kiosks require much fewer employees as guests help themselves.

Less waiting in lines

Multiple kiosks can be made available so that guests don’t have to wait to top-up their accounts.

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Add funds in just a few clicks

Guest information is stored within their personal profiles, so adding funds to their account is simple and quick. Guests can review their account balance at any time via their mobile device.

Quick and easy payment process

Guests don’t have to wait in long lines to top-up the funds on their account. Self-serve kiosks are quick and easy to use. Kiosks can be placed in key areas around the park for optimal guest conveninence.

Easy to clean, and reduced risk of germ transmission

The automated machine reduces the risk of germ transmission between employees and guests. Self-serve kiosks are also easy to clean, making the experience as safe as possible for everyone at your park.

Benefits for Guests

  • Quick and easy top-up solution
  • Less waiting in lines
  • Spending can be reviewed at any time via the personal profile
  • Clean solution with reduced germ transmission

Benefits for Operators

  • Less staff required
  • Kiosks are easy to clean and maintain
  • Guests are encouraged to spend more when top-ups are this easy
  • All transactions are saved and can be reviewed at any time

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