Accept multiple methods of cashless payment

Use one platform to manage sales across multiple vendors & restaurants and accept multiple methods of payment.

Point of Sale

An innovative POS system that accepts multiple methods of payment, tracks all sales and provides detailed sales reports.

  • Increased spend-per-head
  • Quick and secure transactions
  • Inventory alerts
  • Real-time dashboards

Order Kiosk

Guests use this kiosk to place thier food orders instantly.

  • Less waiting in lines to place food orders
  • Minimal staff required
  • Increased spend-per-head


Guests pre-order their food and have it delivered to a specified on-site location.

  • Shorter wait times
  • Increased spend-per-head
  • An improved client experience
  • Easy to maintain physical distance

Charging Kiosk

Guests use this self-serve kiosk to add funds to their RFID spending account.

  • Easy for all guests to use
  • Minimal staff required
  • Less waiting in lines at top-up stations

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