Guests reserve a virtual spot for rides and activities, then scan to claim their reservation

Offer virtual queuing at your park with RFID technology, guests’ mobile devices, or a combination of the two. Non-mobile guests use a self-serve kiosk or a simple tap-point to book reservations. Guests with devices can make reservations directly from their device. Staff use handheld scanners to confirm a reservations.

Less germ transmission

Guests no longer need to provide a physical ticket or token to get on a ride. Reservations are made virtually and redeemed with a simple scan.

No more waiting

With less time spent waiting in lines for rides, guests can enjoy every minute of their visit.

More spend per head

Guests have more time to spend at concessions and gift shops at your park.

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Quick tap kiosk

Guests use this kiosk to identify themselves and redeem their reserved time slot. The kiosk touchscreen offers easy-to-follow prompts so that guests can redeem their spot quickly and get on the ride!

Self-Registration Kiosk

Guests use a self-serve kiosk to book their reservation for the ride/activity. The system automatically manages availabilities and will indicate when a ride is fully booked. Guests simply scan at the kiosk for all of their registered information to be recognized by the system.

Mobile registration web page

Guests use their mobile devices to learn more about each ride and book a reservation for the ones they want to try. This is a flexible solution that guests can easily access from wherever they are.

Benefits for Guests

  • Less time in lines, more time to enjoy the park
  • Guests spend less time in crowded areas and practice simplified physical distancing
  • Guests can plan their visit to get the most out of their time at the park

Benefits for Operators

  • Better crowd flow management
  • Data extracted from the platform reveals which rides are most popular with which guests
  • Guest spending is generally increased due to less time spent waiting in lines for rides

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