No more worrying about keys or codes, guests lock and unlock their locker with a simple scan

Smart lockers are equipped with RFID-enabled locks, making it easier than ever for your guests to securely store there belongings while enjoying a visit to your park.


Each lock is linked to a unique RFID chip, so only the wristband embedded with that chip can open the locker.

Simple to use

Guests simply scan their wristbands to open and lock the locker they will be using for the duration of their visit.

Easy to manage

Operators can determine which RFID wristband can open each locker. Family wristbands can be grouped together to use the same locker.

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RFID wristands/cards are used to open and lock the locker

Guests scan to open the locker, then scan again to lock it when they are done. It’s that easy! The locker is assigned to the unique RFID chip embedded in the guest’s wristband for the duration of their stay at the park. No one else can access the locker while that guest is still registered for locker use.

No more lost keys or forgotten codes

Guests don’t need to worry about keeping a locker key on hand, or remembering a locker code to access their belongings. Guests use their wristband to open and lock the locker at any time during their visit to the park.

Booking and payment can be done with the RFID wristband or card

Guests can add a locker reservation to their online profile and pay for the service with a simple scan of their RFID wristband. The locker rental fee will either be debited from the funds the guest has loaded onto their wristband (closed-loop), or will be charged directly to the credit card associated with their profile (open-loop).

Benefits for Guests

  • Easy access to lockers with no keys or codes
  • Belongings are securely stored as no other wristband can open a guest’s locker
  • Locker reservations can be booked and paid for online for a simple check-in experience

Benefits for Operators

  • Less staff required for locker management
  • Offering an improved guest experience at the park
  • Locker reservations can be easily managed using the online platform

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